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Worship Leader Joella Choong leaves for KL (Photos)

Photo Credits: Tairven Lee


Joella began serving as backup vocalist  who also worship led in a few seasons of The Alpha Course in 2007. By late 2010, she answered the call to serve as Worship Leader for S2 and has served regularly since. As President of the local MYF Chapter, she was instrumental in the recent Y.WAP (Youth Worship and Prayer) event which saw youths from both Wesley and Trinity Penang coming together for an evening of Praise,Worship and Prayer. “Practice has been bumpy but it’s alright now, we’ve been praying a lot” said Joella when asked if help was required for Y.WAP.

Joella served in the Girls’ Brigade and has been featured in several presentations both as soloist and as backup vocalists for special services throughout the year. Born to parents George (former S1 Sound Tech) and Karen Choong (former S1 Liturgist), her elder sister Melissa worship led at Trinity before leaving for KL. Joella’s younger brother, Benjamin is the current MYF Vice President who serves as Keyboardist and Drummer with TRINWAM.

Joella is on scholarship with Methodist College Kuala Lumpur and intends to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education. She now joins her sister at Whispering Hope Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur.

Read Joella’s sharing here.

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  • chanjoo jung

    Hi joella, I am a korean pastor serving the korean church in mon’tkiara solarist complex. My name is Moses Jung and I am looking for the english-speaking youth group volunteer leader who’s supposed to be good at praise worship. 
    My church has been developed 1 year ago, and accordingly the youth group is small now, but on the go. If you have any interested in this mission through the lead of Holy Spirit, please let me know at anytime as follows;
    Call 010 277 9926,  E mail: chanjoo0315
    Church: Korean Life of Tree church (Presbyterian church)