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Benjamin & Joella Choong

by Benjamin and Joella Choong

I joined the team somewhere at the end of 2007, when I was about 10. I don’t exactly remember how I started serving, but I ended up serving in the first service as second clavi-ist under Daniel Khoo, Aunty Ruth Law and John Kuick. Jo had already been serving as back-up vocalist regularly for about a year.

At the end of 2009, I started playing drums for 2nd service, which meant that we (Jo and I) finally started serving together in the same service. She being a singer and me a drummer, there wasn’t that much discussion between us during practice, but I must say that when times got hard, whether in practice times or in service itself, it was very encouraging when having my sister in the same team.

Serving with each other is pretty fun…and pretty cool too. We usually rely on each other for encouragement and maybe sometimes a little bit of helping feedback when we don’t do so well. Serving together has in a way helped us to relate to each other more, whether when relying on each other to print the music sheets, or sharing with each other on how the worship practice or service went. I truly praise the Lord for this privilege of serving together in the same worship team.

Times did get pretty difficult together sometimes. We do face certain conflicts between us from time to time. For example, not long ago was Youth Sunday, where things got pretty difficult between us when worship practice didn’t go so well. We were under attack, spiritually. But then we prayed together, and after everything said and done, I must say these difficult moments have helped both of us grow a lot. In fact, we now understand each other a lot better, which has also helped a lot when leading people in worship.

To sum it up, God has really helped my sis and I to grow through joining the WAM team. I would also like to thank my parents for being so supportive of us and helping us through the difficulties we face. And to all my other brothers and sisters, including families, who have yet to serve together, I hope that you will be open to God’s calling, and that we will be able to serve His name forever. Praise the Lord!!! =D

In year 2006, I was approached by Daniel Khoo after taking part in a vocal training workshop. I’m not really sure if I actually said yes, but I somehow ended up singing backup during second worship service regularly. In the year 2007, my brother Benjamin started to serve in the first and third services as a pianist and eventually started serving in the second worship service as a pianist and drummer.

It’s really wonderful to serve together in the worship team, because we give each other encouragement, like “Wow, you did really well today,” or “You were so cool up there!” and sometimes even constructive criticism. We also pray for each other to have a heart of worship while leading the congregation in worship.

There definitely are challenges serving together, mainly because of our different personalities. We usually get along well enough but sometimes during our practices, we can get a little annoyed with each other. Recently we led worship on Youth Sunday. I was leading and he was playing the clavi. Seeing things in entirely different perspectives, practice did not go the way either of us had thought it would, or wanted it to. We weren’t screaming at each other or anything, but it was still very tough, so we prayed about it when we were at home. God’s presence was definitely with us on Sunday and everything went well.

To all the families who have yet to begin serving together, God has called you for a purpose, and I hope that you will be open to His call to serve. God bless you!! =)

Editor’s Note:

Benjamin turns 14 in 2011. He started playing drums in the Boys’ Brigade and currently serves as key music coordinator in the drum corps. Ben also plays the saxophone and Piano. Joella finished SPM this year, and is one of our newest addition to the team of Worship Leaders. Both Ben and Jo have an elder sister – Melissa – who is currently away studying. Melissa served as Worship Leader & Pianist. Their parents – George used served as Sound Tech whilst Karen is currently a Liturgist and Scripture Reader.

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