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Li Lin & Amelia

by Loo Li Lin

I praise God for the opportunity to serve on WAM for more than 10 years and I’ve been so blessed to work together with the different generations of highly talented musicians.  I’ve learned so much from them.

I started serving as a back-up vocals for the once a month Sunday contemporary service and as a worship leader for the Thursday night  PWP (Prayer, Worship and Praise) during Pastor Yew Nieng Song’s time.   I was also worship leading in most small group gatherings like church camps, MSF and MW activities, seminars, etc.   When the choir was formed, I joined the alto group for a few years. Currently I’m serving in the second service as a praise leader.

Amelia joined us at the end of year 2008 in the visuals technician team.   I’m happy that she takes her duty seriously and that we can spend the time at church together during practice. As a parent, I try to guide my children in serving in the area they are gifted in.  It may not be the area that we would like them to serve in but whatever area they choose, it is God’s calling and timing.  I thank God for allowing us to serve as a family in His church.

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