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A Prayer by Eunice Attwood

Almighty God, we are so good at talking,
we excel at holding meetings and taking minutes.
Forgive our tendency for endless words.

By the power of your Holy Spirit,
turn our words into actions,

Forgive us when we sit back in the armchairs of our comfortable world,
Lord, help us to engage our faith,
to be involved,
not standing at a distance,
but in participation with our neighbours,
that we may truly be your Church,
kneeling before our communities with humility and compassion:
supporting the vulnerable,
seeking the lost,
searching out the lonely,
welcoming the stranger,
serving others as you also served.
watching others in crisis and pain.
with your transforming love. Amen

Eunice Attwood
Vice President of the British Methodist Conference 2010/11

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