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William & Janet

By William and Janet Ng

William & I were baptized in Penang Trinity on December 25, 2008. Thereafter, we were recruited simultaneously by WAM to serve in the 3rd service.

Even without knowing our spiritual gifts back then, I picked the role of Scripture Reader because I simply like reading and of course, I do not have stage fright. William picked the role of a Sound Tech as he prefers to be a “backend” person.

We were actually brand new Christian then, and did not know the true meaning of serving in Church. The credit must go to Lynn Dee, as she was the one who recruited both of us and shared with us on the meaning of serving in the House of the Lord.

Serving as couple really allow us to spend more quality marriage time together. This is because we are both working professionals, in which sometimes we work long hours and only catch up with one another at dinner time. Thank God we are able to serve in the Choir as this also allows us to spend even more time together, whilst serving the Lord.

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