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Angeline & Alanis

Angeline writes:

I first started playing the organ for worship services when I was about 12 years old.  Back then, the church had an old organ that had bass pedals that ran the entire width of it.  Normally, there would be a pianist and an organist each Sunday.  Eileen, Audrey and Angela were my fellow worship enablers then.

My daughter Alanis started serving with me towards the end of 2009 after much encouragement from WAM.  Because Alanis is considered new to the worship team, she is still ‘in-training’, and plays 2nd clavi whilst I play 1st clavi.  She also undergoes training with other musicians, e.g. Audrey Tan, Melvin Saw, etc.

I am blessed that both my daughters share my passion for music.  It is wonderful to be able to serve the Lord together with Alanis.  I hope and pray that Adelya will also be able to serve the Lord in the same way someday soon.  As it is written in Joshua 24:15 (NIV), “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”.  Praise the Lord!

Alanis writes:

I joined the worship team after being encouraged to do so by my BB Captain, Daniel Khoo.  I was not nervous when I played for the first time during worship service because my mother played 1st clavi and I played 2nd clavi.  The best part about playing together with my mother is that I do not need to worry when I make mistakes.  I feel safe when I play with her.

Eventually, I started playing for the Boys’ Brigade also.  I was quite nervous initially because my mother did not play with me during BB but some of the seniors encouraged and helped me along the way.  Now, I can play quite confidently on my own.  With more exposure and practice, I hope to acquire greater skills and experience to serve the Lord better.

Editor’s note: Angeline Choo is the church choir conductor and serves on the worship team. She is blessed with daughters Alanis and Adelya. Angeline attends the Metro East CG.

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