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Joo Lian & Lynn Dee

Welcome to our special focus on Families Serving Together. Our very first story comes from a mother-daughter pair. Mdm Tan Joo Lian is an Usher, her daughter Lynn Dee is a Scripture Reader who serves on the committee of Worship and Music. We interviewed them, and here’s what they have to share.

By Tan Joo Lian & Chong Lynn Dee

Joo Lian’s responses.

Q: How long have you served?

A: Old already lah. Cannot remember the specifics. Roughly 15 years. Time flies. As an Usher, probably for around 9 – 10 years.

Q: When did your daughter started serving?

A: Wah, have to dig into the recesses of my mind. I think… shortly after we started attending TMC which was many years ago. She started by taking care of little kids in the room upstairs way back then, while their parents attended service. She went on to serve in other areas after that.  As a Scripture Reader, I think it was about 5 – 6 years ago.

Q: What made you join the team?

A: Serving The King of Kings is a privilege and He has done so much for my family and blessed us in so many ways. It’s the very least I can do.

Q: What role do you play? What role does your daughter play?

A: I am currently an Usher.  My daughter serves as a Scripture Reader now.

Q: What is the best part of serving together?

A: We are each other’s Personal Assistant in terms of reminding each other on our duties and on the date that we have been scheduled to serve.

Q: What have you done to encourage your daughter?

A: I double check with her if she has practiced reading, if I know she is to serve on a particular Sunday. Important to go prepared. I pray for her and give her feedback on her reading.

Q: Are there any challenges serving together?

A: No. Glad that we are both serving God…even though in different ways. We have each asked the other to try serving in each other’s area…we both failed in our attempt to “recruit” the other *grin*…which brings me to the point that it is good to know your individual gifting in order to be able to give your best in serving Him.

Q: What is your advice to families who have yet to begin serving together?

A: Serve now while we are still able. Do not wait. Grab the opportunity. Life is filled with unexpected turns. If we continue to wait till we find a “suitable” time to serve, sometimes… [Hokkien]”ai pun boay liao” [translation: even if you desire it, you may not be able, for whatever reason].

Thoughts from the Daughter

Some years ago, Mr Ang Sim Boo approached my Mom to consider being a Scripture Reader to which she politely declined, as she felt it was not her area of gifting. It was then that the thought came to their mind of an alternative - yours truly. Before I knew it, I was proclaiming the Word from the pulpit for the first time, with what must have felt like mammoth butterflies having a party in my stomach.

My decision to serve the Lord came pretty naturally…did not have to think twice or ponder hard…just felt the need to serve in one way or the other.

It really helped that my Mom was already serving too then…so that was a great source of encouragement and support. When a family serves together, the time and effort spent serving is never questioned, only supported and understood. Our common love for the Lord becomes another reason to bond. There is nothing like the feeling of being able to serve Him, more so as a family. God continues to touch and bless us in very special ways.

My Mom and I have served in different capacities, since the early 90-s.  And we are still serving today. Guess old “habits” die hard…especially “habits” that reap so much.

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  • Roland Chan

    Thank you for sharing this. Praise the Lord for your service.

  • Roland Chan

    Thank you for sharing this. Praise the Lord for your service.