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Daniel & Lay Chin

I first stepped foot in Penang Trinity more than 35 years ago. It was not a happy occasion. I was attending the funeral service of a colleague’s wife. Little did I know then that I would be involved in the life and activities of TMC.

My wife became a member of Penang Trinity together with my children in 1993. Our son and daughter were involved with the youth and WAM. Our son is now with the IT section of WAM. Sadly our daughter does not attend church regularly now. Our daughter by marriage is involved with WAM as a musician. Our two grandsons are musically inclined and hopefully they will also be involved in WAM.

I followed my wife to the Thursday evening praise and worship service then. Being a pop music fan I naturally gravitated towards the worship team comprising the “singer” (Worship Leader), three guitarists and the drummer. The songs they sang were of course strange to me. But as I attended regularly I became to feel at home. I even partake of the Maundy Thursday holy communion.   I would testify to the cleansing and conversion effect of holy communion. I was baptised and became a member of TMC in 1996.

Soon after that I joined the backup singers in the worship team. Then I was ‘promoted’  to be a liturgist and later I joined the choir and sometimes I am called to help in ushering. My wife served with the ushers.  She is now ‘retired’ from regular service and is on standby. When I was called to serve as an usher I usually teamed up with my wife.  We always reminded each other when we will be on duty and so to be ready and on time. My wife is a reserved person and prefers not be too involved in church activities but I always reminded her that we serve God and not man. When we served together we literally walk together with God when we passed the offering bags.  When we served together we always encouraged one another to be our best for God outwardly and inwardly.

Members of the Church are called to study the word of God. WAM members have an advantage in that the word of God is set to music and it is easier to remember songs than plain text. That is why the apostle Paul encourage the recipients of his letters to sing hymns. When we sing what we express outwardly ministers to us inwardly as well.

We (my wife and I) would encourage worshippers of the Church, especially couples to participate in the life and activities of the Church especially WAM.  Walk closer to God. Walk closer to one another.

A note of warning – when you serve you are in the front line and frontline soldiers get shot first. But then Jesus is there to receive you.

Editor’s Note:

Daniel Teh serves on the LCEC as the Treasurer. He sings bass in the choir. Both Lay Chin and Daniel attend the Air Itam Care Group.

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