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Gary Lundquist shares on WTR2010

As a Senior Citizen Sound Tech at TMC I’ve been invited previously to WAM annual retreats but always declined

because it sounded to me like “something for the youngsters to do”.  However this year Daniel Khoo made a real effort to encourage Gini and me to attend by mentioning Uncle Herbie’s presenting on Worship.  So we attended over Labour Day weekend, Friday nite, Saturday and Sunday morning at Copthorne.

What a blessing to worship, learn and pray (and eat) together with WAMer’s of all ages and enjoy Uncle Herbie and his wife Ling Ming’s scripture-focused sharing on Worship and Prayer!!

Many thanks to all the organisers and facilitators for such a well done event!

If any of you WAMer’s get an invitation for such a retreat in the future please don’t miss such a faith-building opportunity!

Your brother in Christ,

Gary L.

See all the action here.


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